What We Store (do not delete)

Information stored

Because your website is built on our website platform, our system will collect information regarding your website visitors. The information collected and stored by Webfactory will depend on the type of website you have. There are two main types of website in terms of the information we collect. Bespoke websites and Ecommerce websites.

For bespoke websites and ecommerce websites

  • We store information about your website's traffic. This helps us provide reports on your website's performance. It also helps us diagnose issue with your website should any occur. This includes IP addresses and information about the users browser and the origin of their visit to your website. This information is stored in raw form for 2 months and then removed. After this point only counts are kept e.g. number of hits on a given day which contains no personal information.
  • We store information generate by your website forms. This is stored for diagnostic purposes and additional redundancy should form data not be received at your email address. This information is held for one year and is then deleted.

For ecommerce websites

  • We store information about the visitors who buy from your website. This includes their contact information and details of their orders. You can removed orders and customer information via you website manager according to your data retention policies.

We do not store any payment details from your customers. If your customer should use your website forms to send you payment details i.e. not using a proper payment gateway such as Paypal, this information is stored as all form information is stored.

You can find out more about information we store on your as our customer in our Privacy and cookie policy.

Cookies used

Like most website your website uses cookies in order to function. To assist you we automatically declare the core cookies stored by your site in a cookie declaration. You can enable this declaration by going to the settings section of your website manager and then clicking into the cookies tab. Within this section you can also declare cookies on your site left by third party services which you use on your site. This could include things such as Google Analytics cookies, Facebook cookies etc. We offer a cookie audit and declaration service for clients who are unable to do this for themselves for a small one-off cost and optionally on an ongoing basis to keep this up to date for a small monthly fee.